Monday, April 19, 2010

APRIL 19th, 2010

This week is going good. We had 3 families come to church this sunday and they seem promising too so we have a lot of work to do this change.
Yeah I am staying here another change in Santo Domingo so I will be here until May 31st. Crazy huh? I will have almost have 8 months by then. I just passed 6 months this Wednesday and we burned a tie, ha it was fun. So I have been in Santo Domingo longer than any other missionary here now.
What else? Oh yeah, we get to call for Mothers Day in 2 or 3 weeks so we have to get that set up over the next couple of weeks. I am excited to talk to you guys though. It seems just like a few weeks ago I was talking to you for Christmas.
What else? Oh yeah, this week has been pretty painful for me I had 5 ingrown toe nails so we went to a nail cutter ladys salon and she cut them for me because thats what the nurse of the mission told me to do. Ah I was seriously in so much pain because they were infected but I am taking some antibiotics and pain reliever stuff that helps a bunch. I have to go back tomorrow so she can check them and she did it for free because she felt bad for me ha. But I´ll be better, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
So how´s everything going at home? With everyone? I want to know everything.
I put some more pictures on my hotmail but I better get going though.
Love you guys.
Elder Evan Hamblin.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

APRIL 12th, 2010

Hey Family,
Everything is going good here in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. Just the same old rain and scorching heat. Ha I am pretty sure that I am out of here the next Monday but I don´t know President Sloan does some wierd things so we´ll see.
So on Wednesday I will hit 6 months crazy huh!! Me and my comp are going to burn a tie and drink a coke, ha oh no.
Everything is good though. I have been pretty bummed about something that happened yesterday but I will tell you about it later.
This week has been crazy.
So we didn´t have a baptism this cambio, but we have one planned for 2 weeks so thats good, I just won´t be here.
So what else is new? Was there an earthquake in California? I have been hearing that.
Rylee is already starting baseball crazy! Ha tell him he better be the best player on his team, ha is it pitching machine?
I need a camera ha but if you send it you have to be 100% sure it´s under 4 lbs or it´s gone, someone will steal it. Just candy is good, there is not much that I need really.
Thats good that TJ is okay he´s a stud. When can he leave on his mission?
Tanner, he´s gonna win state in pole vault! Why the heck isn´t he on varsity? (basketball) ha jk, tell him to keep working at it and maybe by the time the season starts he can be.
Willie and Justin went to conference? ha, man they are lucky. I did get to watch it in english so I don´t mind.
I got the packages thank a bunch I loved them and tell Grandma and everyone thanks.
Well I better get going but tell everyone that I love them. And next Monday I might not be able to write it, depends where I get transfered and who my comp is. So if you don´t get anything thats why, but love you all!
Elder Hamblin

APRIL 5th, 2010

This week has been pretty boring just because we had to sit through basically 4 hours of meetings. Thursday we had Zone Conference, Friday we had Interviews with President and presentations by the assistants, and than all Saturday and Sunday was conference. I got to watch in English it was awesome though, wow. I have no doubt that those men can recieve revelation. They are so powerful when they speak.
President Sloan is doing better from his surgery too, so thats good. He´s such an awesome guy me and Elder Segura think that he´s going to be a Apostle some day.
It´s been blazzing hot this week because the winter here is ending so it´s not raining as much. Man I am sick of sweating, ha seriously! I should be out of here in a couple weeks though. So I am excited for that big time. I have lived here almost 4 months it´s weird it seems like I just got here.
Thats cool that dad got a raise man i bet those book are annoying to do everynight.
Anyway, not much to talk about because we just had a bunch of meetings this week but tell everyone that I love them and think about them always.
Especially Ry, man I miss that kid.
Love you all.
Elder Hamblin


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