Monday, April 19, 2010

APRIL 19th, 2010

This week is going good. We had 3 families come to church this sunday and they seem promising too so we have a lot of work to do this change.
Yeah I am staying here another change in Santo Domingo so I will be here until May 31st. Crazy huh? I will have almost have 8 months by then. I just passed 6 months this Wednesday and we burned a tie, ha it was fun. So I have been in Santo Domingo longer than any other missionary here now.
What else? Oh yeah, we get to call for Mothers Day in 2 or 3 weeks so we have to get that set up over the next couple of weeks. I am excited to talk to you guys though. It seems just like a few weeks ago I was talking to you for Christmas.
What else? Oh yeah, this week has been pretty painful for me I had 5 ingrown toe nails so we went to a nail cutter ladys salon and she cut them for me because thats what the nurse of the mission told me to do. Ah I was seriously in so much pain because they were infected but I am taking some antibiotics and pain reliever stuff that helps a bunch. I have to go back tomorrow so she can check them and she did it for free because she felt bad for me ha. But I´ll be better, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
So how´s everything going at home? With everyone? I want to know everything.
I put some more pictures on my hotmail but I better get going though.
Love you guys.
Elder Evan Hamblin.

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