Tuesday, April 13, 2010

APRIL 12th, 2010

Hey Family,
Everything is going good here in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. Just the same old rain and scorching heat. Ha I am pretty sure that I am out of here the next Monday but I don´t know President Sloan does some wierd things so we´ll see.
So on Wednesday I will hit 6 months crazy huh!! Me and my comp are going to burn a tie and drink a coke, ha oh no.
Everything is good though. I have been pretty bummed about something that happened yesterday but I will tell you about it later.
This week has been crazy.
So we didn´t have a baptism this cambio, but we have one planned for 2 weeks so thats good, I just won´t be here.
So what else is new? Was there an earthquake in California? I have been hearing that.
Rylee is already starting baseball crazy! Ha tell him he better be the best player on his team, ha is it pitching machine?
I need a camera ha but if you send it you have to be 100% sure it´s under 4 lbs or it´s gone, someone will steal it. Just candy is good, there is not much that I need really.
Thats good that TJ is okay he´s a stud. When can he leave on his mission?
Tanner, he´s gonna win state in pole vault! Why the heck isn´t he on varsity? (basketball) ha jk, tell him to keep working at it and maybe by the time the season starts he can be.
Willie and Justin went to conference? ha, man they are lucky. I did get to watch it in english so I don´t mind.
I got the packages thank a bunch I loved them and tell Grandma and everyone thanks.
Well I better get going but tell everyone that I love them. And next Monday I might not be able to write it, depends where I get transfered and who my comp is. So if you don´t get anything thats why, but love you all!
Elder Hamblin

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