Thursday, February 25, 2010

FEBRUARY 22nd, 2010

Hey! Everything is good. Time is flying by so quick right now. Im almost done with this cambio only one 2 weeks now, actually less.
I have inner cambios with our ZL tomorrow that should be fun and this week It´s been way way busy. We have had some awesome investigators.
Im way way tired right now, today was long. We did a zone activity and hiked up the biggest mountain in Ecuador, in the jungle. Ha, it was nuts and then we couldn´t get back down because it was too steep. It was pretty sketchy ha! but we all ended up getting down and we made it out alive. Ha! luckily. My arms and legs are pretty beat up though, but i love the feeling. It feels like I'm playing football again ha.
So yeah, we have been running around Santo Domingo pretty crazy this week trying to get everything done to have our baptisms. It should be a good end of the cambio unless everything falls through.
Not much else, I don´t have much time because we got home late, but i love all you guys.
Tell everyone that I love them and I sent dad some pictures at his weoutdoors thing and please don´t send a camera down here it´s way to risky.
Anyway, I love you all again, and got to go.
Elder Evan Hamblin
p.s. I got the package and thanks so much I love the candy ha.


Hey Familia,

Hows everything going home. How was Christmas.
Ill probably talk to you a few times through email before you even get this.. (*note: It took more than a month) but it's all good. It's New Years Eve, so we had to be back to our apartment by 4:00 because it's way too dangerous to go out past then. Christmas is like nothing here and NYE is huge. It's just like 1 big fiesta. It's pretty intense they get these dummies and fill them with newspaper, gas, fireworks, basically anything that will light on fire and light them on fire. It's pretty awesome though. I will try to send some pictures hopefully of them if we can go out. (*this is the picture of Michael Jackson dummy, it was the least vulger)
So I should have my packages from QUito hopefully tomorrow that you guys sent. I gave almost everything to this family that lives near where we are teaching. They are so awesome and they are always giving me and my companion little things so I took them almost everything in the box besides the drink mix. They needed it more than me. The dad in the family, his name is Hermano Antes, he's so cool. He's probably 4 ft, 4 " tall, he's the coolest, kindest, old man that I know. He walks us out of the Plan de Vivienda, everynight because it is so dangerous. His wife died and he is supporting the 2 girls by himself. He works all day yet he is the most active helpful guy in the world. He always pays tithing even though he has nothing. He helps us teach when he gets home from work. He is seriously one of my heroes. I love the guy. There are so many awesome people here. They crack me up. They are so small and poor, old and uneducated, yet they are still so happy because they have the curch in their lives. It is awesome. The best is when a family or people that you areaching show up to church. It is like all the work that you went through that week was workth it. It is so cool.
How is everything at home? Tanner at basketball, Willie and Chase still working? I hear we are getting alot of snow. .............
Anyways, I have got to go. I won't write many letters because we have email and it cost 2 bucks to send these. I just know handwritten letters are the best.
I love you guys!
Love Elder Hamblin

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FEBRUARY 14th, 2010

We can´t work tomorrow or on Tuesday because of some carnival thing that goes on here. It´s too dangerous and people throw paint on you.
What else? Oh man I miss carpet so much. Ha! I haven´t seen carpet forever.
Today is my 4 month mark can you believe it has gone by so fast, for me at least, and each day goes quicker and quicker.
So I had my first actual baptism, and I am pumped! It was awesome! I´ll post pictures right now of it and we should have 2 more in the next 3 weeks so it´ll be a cool change.
I´ll probably stay here for another change with a new comp, hopefully a Latino, ha, so I can get some Spanish down and then after that, I have no idea where I will go. My guess is Quito, but who knows, I could go anywhere this mission is so huge.
But I´ll be out of here, almost for sure, in like, May sometime. It´s so weird, as missionaries, time is like nothing to us. Ha! Seriously, 4 hours seems like nothing right now and before it was a life time.
So this week we challenged another girl to be baptized and she said yes, so we just have to wait to see if she gets permission to live here with her aunt, from her dad in Guayaquil. They are going to see on Friday. She really wants to live here because she loves the church and the family she´s living with. Seriously the church has changed this girl’s life. Her whole personality has changed and I love it that she´s so happy right now. She picked me to baptize her too, and I am way, way, excited.
What else? Nothing much just work, work, work and having fun, ha, I love it.
I haven´t gotten a package yet for Valentine’s day yet, but I probably will on Friday because that is when the zone leaders go and get all the mail.
The personal side, update me on everything. How´s Willie? I heard he moved to Utah. ha crazy Mormons up there, ha, jk. And Chase, Tanner, Rylee and Dad. Ha! I want to everything!
How are you doing mom? I love you so much. I never said it enough but I do more than you know and when I get home I am going to let you know more.
Tell everyone that I love them so much and get me updated on everything.
Love your son, Elder Hamblin

FEBRUARY 1st, 2010

Thanks for Jeff’s address, I have been wanting to write him.

Um yeah, well I thought I was getting better and now I think I am getting sick again. I hate it but I took some medicine so I hope that I will feel better. Spanish still a struggle. I need a native comp but it is all good I am still getting a lot better.I can understand almost everything it is just hard to talk back. What else? um yeah so this change is looking so good we have like 10 people that want to get baptized and we are teaching them everyday. I think that is why I am getting better. But yeah so you basically see everything as a missionary. Last night we were about to teach this family and the daughter and some guy came over and they started to argue and the guys knew English good. He is the first guy that is not a missionary that I talked to here that actually knows English good and the girl ran out because her mom hit her and she is living with this guy and she is only 15 and he like 25 and I’m not really sure what going on. Ha! We kind of got thrown in the middle of it but it was awkward and we could not teach because the spirit wasnt there at all so we just left.

I am probably going to have my first baptism this week but the lady, she has a testimony, comes to church every Sunday, reads, comes to every appointment, like 10 minutes early and takes notes at every one of them too. So I am kind of scared that she is going to try to kiss me after cause that is something that she would do. Ha,

What else, oh yeah my camera was stolen sweet huh? What else nothing much oh in the package send some candy like snickers, twix, and skittles. I’ve been craving those 3.

Carpet, I am serious, I miss carpet so much the only carpet that I have seen is in President Sloans house. I love carpet.

Work is slow? hopefully things get better. I think that they will, maybe I am just so optimistic because I know how people here live and I promise no matter what happens in the US, it is worse here.

Well not much more to write about.

I am so mad about my camera, ah, oh well there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, tell everyone I love them and I am fine and you guys are so lucky to be in the snow it is so hot here, ha.

Love, Elder Evan Cowen Hamblin

JANUARY 25th, 2010

Hey, everything here is good. I just got through my first cambio which means that I am no longer the youngest bunch of missionaries in Quito Ecuador. Only 15 more now so every 6 week you usually either get a new comp or a new area. That is what a change is and I stayed in the same area with the same companion.

We are teaching some promising people right now and still have a few references to track down which are also promising because they already have friends in the church. So hopefully we can have a few baptisms this transfer. So I am almost guaranteed to be in Santo Domingo for 2 more transfers which means that I will hit my 6 month mark here my comp is going to hit his in like a month so we are going to burn one of his ties, ha, it should be fun. We both are so young out here.

Nothing much else new rain and the scorching sun and I am always wet, always always wet. Whether it is from sweat or rain it doesn´t matter i finally got to go to Quito on Tuesday and see all my pals from the MTC. They are all doing good I was pumped. I love those guys. My comp from the MTC has lost like 35 pounds he´s looking good.

Dang I miss snow so bad, ha, when you are in Quito you can see it at the top of the peaks. OK if I ever thought that any mountain I´ve seen in the US were tall, it wasn´t! This trip home from Quito it was actually sunny and I got to see the Sierras, wow, they were beautiful and huge.

Anyways, I better get going.
Tell everyone that I love them and I am fine.
Love you all! Bye.

JANUARY 18th, 2010

K so all that it does in this stupid town is rain and get hot hot hot. Ah, I hope I get to go to the mountains. Quito Riobamba, all those places are sounding so nice right now. Anyways everything is good. I have like 20 pictures up and I will try to put more up this week.
Anyways everything is good here we almost had Ider baptized but he said no though which was very frustrating. This whole week was really frustrating actually, ah, oh well, we have changes this week which means that I probably will get a native companion this week which will help so much with my Spanish because I am not learning to much with my comp right now. I could be going anywhere this mission is so huge. If I get to the jungle coca, or tana it´s a 16 hour bus trip from here or I could go to Rio Bamba, Octavalo or Quito The Mountains or Esmeraldes which is the beach. So who knows where I will be there is a good chance I could stay here for another transfer because I know the area, but I´ll know Sunday night.

Uncle Cowen is in the Bishopric, that is scary, ha! NO that’s awesome.

We have a really busy week this week. We have so many investigators I don´t really want to leave, but it is wherever the Lord wants me to go, so I don´t care.

I am so sick of rice and chicken ha, that is all that we have everyday for lunch. Then for breakfast, I have yogurt and granola and for dinner 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, all day, everyday, it´s the same. Ha! it´s already getting old, I never will complain about a thing when I get home.

So Tanners team is still struggling? That is too bad, that should just give him the drive to get better in the offseason. We always used to lose when we were Freshman and Sophmore’s too. I think that is why we were always good when we were on varsity football and basketball we would work harder after we would lose and improve. That is the key, just improve in the off season while other people aren’t working on it.

So that is good that they still have work. I don´t know how people here get money no one does anything at all. Other than a few members and they work hard and they are the happiest.

So we haven´t had water in our apartment for the last 2 days. I am so thankful for having a mom too, wow, she did a lot for us. It´s so annoying to clean and take clothes to the Laundromat, have good food, and everything.

(*I like Kalicia that would be good. ; )

I love all you guys so much.

JANUARY 11th, 2010

Well everything here is good though we had our first baptism this Saturday and hopefully we will get one more before this cambio. I havegotten much better at Spanish. I need a native companion, so hopefully this next cambio, I will get one. It is alright though, haha, I have 2 years to go. It is just frustrating though.
I had to teach the gospel doctrine class this last Sunday it was way way hard, but I did it. Not much else, I mailed you guys a letter this week so you should get that in a week or 2 I got the package too but I didnt get any letters hopefully next week I will though. I get to go to Quito tomorrow so I will get to eat some fast food! Ha ha. I am so pumped for that but we have to leave the bus station here at 3 in the morning which is going to suck.
So everything is good and hopefully we can get one more baptism before this cambio but I need to head out now.
I love you guys and I pray for you always.
Elder Hamblin

JANUARY 4th, 2010

This week was pretty frustrating so we had a baptism set for this Saturday but we found an hour before the baptism that he drank on New Years, so we have to wait until this Saturday if he repents, so that will be good. We also have a date of the 16th for this guy named Ider Davela. He´s so cool. He loves the missionaries. He is like he´s a guy I could hang out with in the US. He is like 25, and he has a son who´s the cutest little boy. Ha! He runs up to us and gives us hugs and says “hermanos que tal” , ha-ha, I don´t know how he can even talk he´s barely 3 he´s so funny. He talks nonstop too. But his wife is really really pretty. Easily the prettiest girls that I´ve seen here and she was baptized. He´s not. He is scared to get baptized because he drinks and he doesn´t want to get baptized than start drinking. But this week we are going to have the members help us because we both can´t speak Spanish very well ha but hopefully we can get him baptized. The missionaries have been trying for like 2 years, but he really likes us. It was awesome though, he never comes to church and this week we made him promise us to go to church. He said he would. So his wife always comes in and she walked in alone and we were so bummed. And then right before sacrament I heard the little boy outside and he came. Ha ha, she said that she didn´t even know that he was going to come, but he promised us. Just hopefully we can meet with him a lot this week. This was the first time that he´s been to church in a few months. He´s so ready to get baptized and I bet he´s read more in the Book of Mormon than half the members. So that was the highlight of the week for sure.I don´t need much I can get most of what I need on p days at the shopping center, but the little drink packets are good i love them different kinds though and maybe more oatmeal. I get sick off cereal but different kinds not just the maple and brown sugar kind. I do not spend money on much, other than I bought a watch and a tie. That is basically it and food, ha, but I will start not using as much. It is just the first week and the holidays I loaded up. You can send some more candy. The kids love American candy and maybe some CTR rings. They have Spanish ones at the book store there, I believe. If not, it is cool, just candy. They love it. We just boil water here so I don’t need anything for the water. I am getting better. I think I have felt a lot better the last 2 days, so that is good. And whatever people want to send, it doesn´t matter to me. Letters would be cool but I probably cannot write back because it´s 2 bucks to mail them back, but I will love to have something to read. And make sure to let everyone know that if they send packages, it has to be under 4 pounds or else I will have to pay like 50 bucks to get it

DECEMBER 28th, 2009

Im going to send pictures next Monday because we are baptizing those 2 guys on Saturday and I want to have those pictures in there with them all so I will send them for sure next Monday. I´ll try to take more this week of where we work alot its so so so poor its crazy. It rains so much here at night, all night, every night, until April. That is what the natives said.

DECEMBER 21st, 2009

This place is insane it´s called Santo Domingo it is so old and dirty and hot, and HUMID!! I bet I´ve lost 5 pounds this week in sweat but the good news is we have a baptism set up for 2 people on the 2nd of January, so I´ll either get to baptize a 14 year old boy named Esteven or a 21 yr old guy named Julio. The people are so poor but they seriously love us. They think we are rockstars because we are 2 gringos from the US they are obsesses with pictures. I´ll try to send you some later today through my hotmail account though. They live in a place called the Viviana Plumba. It is like the poorest place in this city, they are so humble. Ha! The kids think that I am so weird because I am tall and have blue eyes. Ha! Its funny and they think it is awesome that I play “futbal Americano” Ha! and I beat their brothers in arm wrestling so they think I am so strong. Ha!
They are so awesome though the people here are so much nicer than in America. But there is this crazy lady who tries to like hook up with us. They call her “La Loca”, ha ha, she´s this crazy black prostitute. We have to run inside the member’s houses until she leaves.
The people here live on dirt seriously everything is dirt and it rains so hard every night and it is always muddy. And then in the day its sunny and hot which is why I sweat so much and my clothes are filthy. I´ve met some awesome members though and I am going to try to take some more pictures as time goes. The food is decent, it depends, we don’t eat very much maybe 3 times a day if we are lucky and its always rice and chicken or rice and fish and they always eat fried platanas which are real similar to bananas. There are bananas everywhere here, seriously everywhere. That is what the homeless people live off of.
I´m so exhausted from the day though being out in the sun sweating and trying to translate everything everyone says. Each day I learn more and more. I can only understand probably 30 percent of what they say because they talk so fast. Tell everyone that I love them and hopefully I can start writing some hand written letters, it is just hard with time and everything and getting mail to this city is hard. We have to go to Quito which is like a 3 to 4 hour bus ride we have to go tomorrow at 3 in the morning to get my Ecuador ID. But I´ll email you more info this week for sure about the number to call to on Christmas.
Love you guys!

DECEMBER 17th, 2009

I am in Santo Domingo, which is probably the poorest city in Ecuador. My companion name is Elder Caresia. He´s from Missouri and has only been out 6 weeks longer than me and we both are white that never happens so soon, so I am kind of scared for this but it will be fun. This town is west of Quito towards the ocean it´s so hot and humid and it´s way Jungley and there are like 250,000 people that live here. They all either live in the old cement houses or in stick houses. It´s so crazy. So I got to fly first class to Quito on LAN which is like way way nice. I´ll try to send some pictures. I thought Quito was poor this place makes Quito look like the US it´s so so poor and we have the worst area. It´s so poor and they don’t speak correct Spanish because they´re uneducated and neither of us knows Spanish very well so it is going to be an adventure. The members are way way nice though I love them and I´ve oñly have met like 4. I have got to go though love you guys. I will write more on Monday that’s our p day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Here we go ....

So, I have just started Evans blog... sorry son, but hey! its up and 5% done. Once I get to all the computers, I have saved letters, pictures, and Evan's funny news. So all together I hope we will have a pretty good blog!
So stay tuned and we will keep you up to date on all of Evan's news and other family interesting facts...
Last but not least, thank all of you that have kept Evan in your thoughts and prayers! I knew how special he is, always smiling, easy going and happy, but you all have reminded me what a great guy he is to everyone.


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