Monday, May 24, 2010

MAY 24th, 2010

Thanks for everything and sorry for not emailing you for so long. We had to do some service at the chapel, than we had lessons, and it´s 9 o clock right now, so I am in a hurry to write. We have to be home in like 15 minutes.
Yes I got the camera it´s an awesome camera seriously thanks ha this one will not get stolen, I promise. I will be more careful with this one.

I went to Quito to get my ingrown toenails out and they couldn´t put anestesia in them because it was so swollen, so it hurt pretty bad. I had to tough it out and they were huge. The doctor was amazed that I was even walking with them, but man my feet feel good now. I can walk with shoes on for once in like a month and a half. I got to eat at papa johns ha it was sweet.

Not much has happened this week. Our trip to Quito took up 2 of our days so we didn´t get much done this week. We are teaching people with problems right now but it´s awesome, it makes us work harder to teach them and it´s changing their lives. Seriously, there is no greater feeling in the world than that.

What else? So when we called the nurse she said to pack all my stuff because I was going to stay in Quito for an emergency transfer so I packed all of my stuff and it´s hard to haul 3 huge bags on these buses and around Quito. So we finally got to some other missionaries house where we were going to stay, and the next morning we went to the hospital. Then the nurse is like, "well you can go back to Santo Domingo", so we had to get all my bags and go back to Santo Domingo.
I told our next door neighbor, who is our momita, she cooks our meals every saturday, and she was crying. So she was pretty happy to see me again.
My toes are close to 100%, so I am happy.

Anyway I better get going, we have to be home here pretty soon, but I love all you guys and hope everything is going good with everything.

Love Elder Hamblin

Monday, May 17, 2010

MAY 17th, 2010

I am perfectly fine mom I promise. We are going to the doctor again today and he´s going to call the nurse and they are going to discuss wether or not to remove my toe nails. I want them gone, they are annoying and I think they are just getting worst. I might get back on later tonight to tell you what happends if not you will know next Monday.

Other than that everything is good, walking gets a little annoying in sandals, ha, but it´s alright. I feel like a prophet from the Bible. We should have 4 or 5 baptisms this next Saturday. We have to wait for a family because the mom has to be interviewed by President Sloan so we have to wait til he comes to Santo Domingo for interviews, but this family is pretty excited about it, so it´s pretty awesome.

What else? oh yeah, ha, so we were in church yesterday and right before the Sacrament one of the counselors of the Bishop comes up to me and my comp and tells us that the people that were suppost to talk didn´t show up and asked if we would both give a 10 minute talk. Ha and I was first, so I had about 5 minutes to think and give a talk in Spanish. It was pretty scary but I think it turned out alright, the Lord definitely helped me out.

So this investigator has espn with American sports, so I was reading the newspaper and the suns play tonight and we are going to eat dinner there tonight! Hopefully they have something about the Suns up there. That would be sweet, but i doubt it because TNT always does the nba playoffs, but we´ll see.

Nothing much else going on here. I put some pictures of my foot up on the hotmail thing. So the trek is coming up? Tell Tanner to go, it really is fun. You don´t get to eat a whole lot and it´s hard but it´s definitely worth it when it´s over I am glad I did it for sure. Rylee hit one out of the outfield? Nice ha, but not good enough, he needs to hit them out of the park. Ha jk. Well hope everything else is good, I should get going to the doctor. I will take some cool pictures if they have to remove my nail it should be pretty cool.

Love you guys,
Elder Hamblin.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAY 13, 2010 (hospital visit)

Hey, well my lds mail isn´t working but I have to tell you guys, I took out almost all of that 100 dollars because I had to go to the hospital last night. The church should refund me all the money, but it´s nothing bad. It´s not at all. I have to go back later today. I just stubbed my toe on the sidewalk right in front of the hospital. Luckily we were right in front of the hospital cause i passed out. I don´t know a lot right now. I have to go back today and than the doctor is going to talk to our nurse. They will pay for everything I am pretty sure. I have some pictures too. I´ll send them on Monday and let you know more on Monday about what they are going to do. I am fine, don´t worry, this hospital is pretty nice and the church works with it, so everything will be fine.
Love you bye.

Monday, May 3, 2010

MAY 3rd, 2010

Hey!!! Everything is going good! My feet are getting better. On Tuesday I went back to the lady and she cleaned them and cut the ingrown toe nails out more and gosh it hurt bad, I hated it, but they are getting better. I have worn sandals for the last 2 and a half weeks. I wore shoes 1 day because we had conference with Elder Nash of the Seventy when I got home they were killing and bleeding so I am just going to wear sandals as long as I think I need to because if I don´t, they will just get worst. I had to buy like 10 pills that cost 2 bucks a piece so thats why I have been using money from that account, sorry.

So yeah, this week Elder Nash of the Seventy came and talked to all the missionaries in Santo Domingo and Esmeraldes. It was awesome, he´s an awesome guy. He asked me if I was a descendent of Jacob Hamblin and talked to me for awhile longer than any other missionary it was kind of scary.

What else? nothing much really. We didn´t have any baptisms hopefully the next couple of Saturdays we should have a lot. I am excited for the next couple of weeks and the next change. I want to leave here. I will almost have 6 months in the Santo Domingo.

Yeah about the Mothers Day call we don´t know a whole lot yet we are trying to go to the central, there is a members daughter and her husband is loaded and they have nice computers and video cameras and my comp wants to skype with a video camera, but I don´t know. I think it might be too much trouble but we will see. I will email you on Thursday for sure with what we are doing and than I get to call on Saturday to confirm, so be checking your email and waiting for my call.

My package, I don´t need as much as skittles, ha, and thats it, a ton of skittles, and whatever else you want to send maybe a Mormon Tabernachle Choir CD if you can get one.

So dang it´s still snowing I have forgoten that snow has even existed. Hopefully this next change I will be in the Mountains and maybe see some. I am almost at 7 months, crazy huh?
Anyway I better get going but tell everyone that I love them, and I am always thinking about them.

Love, Elder Hamblin.

APRIL 26th

K, well this week has been pretty good. We challenged a full family to be baptized and they accepted but the thing is that we have to wait for the dad to get home from the jungle from work which is 20 days, so now we just have to wait and teach them a few more things. Families are the best to baptize and this is my first family so I am really excited we came just in time too they were going to get a divorce too but she said ever since we came that he´s been 100 percent better.
We met them in one day too. My comp wanted to buy a kite and we saw some in the air so we followed them and we were talking to the boy flying the kite and I saw the dad sitting there thinking and I started talking to him and I asked him if we could visit him and his family, he said yes so, ha, just because my comp wanted a kite we found this family.

My feet are doing a lot better. I had to use some money this week for the medicine that cost $30.00 and than I had to pay the lady 10 for her to work on my feet but it was definitely worth it she saved my feet. I have to go back 1 more time tomorrow and than I am going to try to wear shoes on Wednesday I have been wearing flip flops for the past week ha my feet have bad tan lines. I saw like a giant lizard too ha in the middle of the field by this river. It was huge! We tried to get a video of it chasing me but I was too scared with only flip flops on to do it. This Iguana could have ate my leg. It probably weighed 50 lbs. It was huge.

On Friday we have a conference with Elder Nash from the Seventys and President is going to pick 3 people to talk. Ha I really hope it´s not me. It should be cool though I might get to see some of my friends because there are 2 other zones going.

School is almost over thats so wierd. It seems like it just started, So Tanner is doing good in basketball I heard thats good. How´s Rylee doing with baseball? So I will give you more info on Mother Day next Monday and than I will probably call the day before to make sure we are on the right page. I better get going though. Tell everyone that I love them.

Elder Hamblin


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