Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JUNE 28TH, 2010

Hey, man, I have been trying to email you guys back for like an hour the email thing has been messing up so it´s gonna be short.
Todd Bosen died? That man was awesome he would do anything to help anyone he will definitely be missed.

Whats up with Tanner hitting elk? ha! I could just see that happening I am glad everything is alright. You scared me mom, you had me hanging by a cliff in your email. You write novels or something, cause you didn´t get to the point of him being okay until at the end of the email. Man, its sound like just crazy things have been happening in that little town.

Well everything is good here. We are baptizing a guy from Otavalo on Saturday and than on Wednesday we are off to Quito to go see my foot doctor and the dentist again, so we´ll see whats going to happen. I´ll let you guys know more next week.

I have some awesome pictures to send home but we haven´t had much time on the computer lately so I will send them next week hopefully, if not the one after.
I still haven´t gotten my packages I don´t know whats happening so when we go to Quito we can go and get them from the offices.

Anyway, I am glad that everyone seems pretty busy with everything.

Tell everyone that I love them and always think about them.

I love you guys and I will write more next week I promise.

Love, Elder Hamblin

Monday, June 28, 2010

JUNE 21ST, 2010

Sounds like a crazy time in Round Valley. Yeah this place is pretty awesome but man it is freezing cold here. I have the pictures on my memory card so thats all good but they should get us a refund on this camera, it´s way nice it just wont turn on or anything so i don´t know whats happening. I will send it back and you can talk to the people from where you bought it. So what else is new? Its crazy that it´s almost July. It feels like winter here so I hardly even keep track of the months. Man I am bummed that the 4th of July is coming and I wont be there thats my favorite time of year by far, oh well only one more than I will be home for the next one.

So the work here is awesome we have a goal of 11 baptisms for the month of July and it really is possible, heck we might get more.
Thats so wierd about the school. I can´t imagine it for some reason. Were there a lot of news stations there?

Is tanner gonna be on varsity this year? and is he driving?

I haven´t gotten the package yet but we have zone conference so I should get them than. Man I swear I am so sick of riding buses. Seriously imagine riding buses through the salt river canyon but instead of 40 minutes, it´s about 2 hours of that. And we do it like 3 times a week. I get annoyed I see a bus and I get a headache, but there are some ups and downs to every place you go i guess.

So nothing much new. I am so exhuasted here. We seriously work so hard here and than on P day we don´t really rest, so it´s pretty rough right now. But I am having a blast here.

I have to head out, but thanks for everything.
I will talk to you on Monday again. Love you guys.

PS - tell all those guys congrats that got married.

Elder Hamblin

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JUNE 14TH, 2010

Wow how crazy is that? (Plane crash and School burning) Thats sad. Poor family. And Rylee, I can just imagine how scared he was. Man thats so wierd that they are going to have a new high school when I get home.

So my new sector is the bomb it´s the best sector in Ecuador it´s amazing, but it´s freezing though. There are a lot of Octavalins here so they have about 3 different languages. Everyone speaks a little different because the people from Colombia talk wierd, the Octavalins speak Cetchawa, something like that, and than there is Ecuadorian Spanish. It´s an amazing place though, we are the highest city in Ecuador. The members here are awesome too. They help a ton and yeah, just everything about this place is bomb.

So today we went to climb this mountain with Washington and Dario, two kids that are about to put there papers in. Washington is de Octavalo so he is teaching me a little bit, so I will know spanish and a little Cetchawa. On the mountain, I bet we were 14,000 ft up, crazy huh? I got sunburnt this whole week. The sun is so so strong here, I look like an Indian haha. Next week we are climbing a mountain called Los Chiles, it´s about 16,000 ft., so I will take pictures and show you guys how high we are, higher than I will ever be in America.

The work here is amazing too because the members help so much. The church is so young here, it seems like everyone has been baptized within like the last 2 years. My comp is way way cool. We work so hard together and we have like the same personality, so I am having a ball. All my companions have been awesome and plus Elder Hilden, he was in my MTC district, he´s here with me which is tight. The downfalls of this place is that my comp is a district leader so every week so we have to travel 3 hours to Ibarra and 3 hours back through horrible mountains in horrible buses. And to get to the leader meeting it takes an hour than turn around and come home. Then we have to go to Quito like 2 times this change and thats like 6 hours there and back on horrible buses, through horrible mountains.

So I just got an email from one of my investigators from Santo Domingo. She just got her temple recommend and is going to the temple on Thursday with the ward. I am so excited for her. She has come so far and had the roughest life, but yeah she´s doing way way good. I will tell you guys more about her someday. So this next week I am going to Quito to get my feet checked on and go to the dentist so hopefully I get that paqckage before than.

Nothing much to say. Oh, my camera broke. I don´t know what happened so I think I will send it back and see if you guys can use the warranty to get a new one. But I love you guys so much and thanks for everything that your doing for me.

Tell everyone that i love them and miss them. Bye.

Love, Elder Hamblin

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JUNE 7TH, 2010

Hey I finally got changed!! I am in a town on the border of Colombia and Ecuador called Tulcan. It´s freezing because we are way up in the mountains. We are around10,000 something feet. I think it´s the highest elevated big city in Ecuador. It´s beautiful here, the only thing was I had to travel 9 hours from Santo Domingo. It was horrible, ha, but my companion is way cool. We already knew each other from Santo Domingo. His name is Elder Walker and he´s from Seattle. I was kind of bummed that I didn´t get a latino for my spanish, but it´s all good because me and him get along really well. You should see the people here, they wear all that old school clothes like the miniture cowboy hats ha and blankets over them, it´s weird.

About the dentsist I am gonna schedule an appointment in Quito probably in like 2 weeks and I´ll have more to say about that after the appointment. It´s just a pain because Quito is around a 5 hour trip from here and it´s only like 100 miles, but it´s through the Andes, so it´s a pretty rough trip. I´ll let you know more about that later, but it´s fine with the mission. I talked to our nurse and she just said I would have to pay for it, but yeah I could do it.

So how was the big bad trek for Tanner? I remember how hungry I got on that thing and it was miserable, but definitey cool. It´s so weird that I almost have 8 months in the mission, it´s insane.
I don´t have to much to say, sorry, but I will write more next week and hopefully have some cool new pictures of this place.

I better head out. I love you all so much and thanks for everything.

Elder Hamblin.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MAY 31ST, 2010

Hey!!! Guess what? I walked in shoes this whole week. It feels so good. And we played basketball today and it didn´t hurt at all. My feet are just peeling because they were pretty sunburned. But it´s all good just annoying.
I am in pretty good health but the only problem is my teeth so they are moving to the side where i am missing that one and i am just noticing it right now, but I told our nurse and she gave me the number of some orthodontists in Quito so I am going to call them and see what they think. I should be going to Quito this next change so I should be able to get an appointment. The dentist told me this might happen, he said probably not, but it is happening. I know they are just going to tell me I have to get braces, but I think that braces are really cheap here, so that wouldn´t be too bad. I don´t know? What do you guys think? We because it´s kind of your money, but I know some members that have them and they have hardly any money. One of our investigators works at a dentist office and she said braces, until I left here, would be about 800 dollars. I guess I will just have to talk to the orthodontist, but probably next week sometime. I will let you know, but probably not this upcoming Monday but the next.

Enough about that. I saw that the Suns lost. One of our rich investigators has espn, so we watched the highlights. Wow, Kobe Bryant is a beast ha.
So I should have been leaving Santo Domingo today, but this change is weird because we have 7 weeks instead of 6, but it´s all good. We are just trying to do a bunch of good paper work with our investigators because they are going to take all 4 missionaries out of our ward and put in sister missionaries. We have to draw a bunch of maps of where everyone lives. We are pretty bummed about this because we have like 3 families that are on the verge of being baptized and we aren´t going to be here when it happends. I will continue to hope that they keep progressing and get baptized.
Grandpa, man that stinks. I will definitely will pray for him.

Anyway, nothing much new here. I just have heard about the volcano but we haven´t had any effects of it here. I think that it was pretty far south and we are in the north. I have some friends in Riobamba and Ambaoto, which is pretty far south, but I think they are fine or President Sloan would have told us something. Volcanoes are really the only thing that scare me here, unless I am in Quito, and than earthquakes scare me because the building are so old and made of bricks.

So wow, summer is already happening in the US. Man it seems just like not too long ago it was last summer and I was moving home. I almost have 8 months in the mission. It´s crazy.

I better get going. We got on the computer pretty late, but we had a busy fun p-day, but I love you guys all so much and thanks for the package I loved it.

Love you all,
Elder Hamblin


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