Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SEPT 20, 2010

Hey! Everything is great here. Just working, we didn´t have any baptisms this week but this Saturday we are gonna have two so that should be fun. We are working with some awesome families, and almost all of our investigators have baptismal dates, it´s going way good here.
Today we went hiking in the mountains to find some waterfalls. We found 2, it was fun. I will try to put some pictures up. Nothing much to new though, sorry I am kind of being boring in the letters.

Man we got our butts kicked what happened? I am glad that I am not playing for Semore this week of practice.

About the sweatshirt, one kind of like that and make sure it fits please.

We are going to Quito this next Monday to go to the dentist so I´lñl write you from Quito and probably to tell you whats going on with that.

I can´t imagine Tanner like driving with girls in the car ha it´s funny.

How is work going with Willie is he working a lot?

I know Kellin has been emailing me a lately he gets home in like 3 weeks thats crazy. I am almost at a year thats even more crazy to me. It´s not that wierd now though being a missionary it´s just normal. it´s wierd, before I would wake up and think about where I was for a little bit and now it´s just normal. Spanish is coming along good too since my comp speaks zero spanish, absolutely zero. He tries though but it´s impossible for him. I feel like I can´t speak spanish or english very well right now it kind of doesn´t make sense, but it´s hard to talk both right now for some reason.

Thats awesome about Duskin Bolivia is a sweet place I now a lot of missionaries from there they are way cool people, I am excited for him. What else is new?
When are Willie and Kalicia going to get hitched? Does she like it in RV? Anyway, I better get going. Thanks for everything and I finally got that package. Thanks a lot mom.

Love you guys all and I´ll talk to you guys next week.

Love, Elder Hamblin.

SEPT 13, 2010

This week went by so fast it seemed just like the other day I was writing you. Everything is good here just working like normal, we haven´t had any baptisms for a couple weeks now it gets frustrating but thats how the work is hopefully we are going to have a few. This week we traveled a lot we had to go to Otavalo a few times and it´s like 4 hours it´s pretty annoying. We shouldn´t have to travel for at least 2 weeks so thats good. The sweatshirt at the bottom of the page it says Brendon Black Hoodie, but yeah I wanted the whiter of the two it´s like grey and white but if you can find it in the valley that would be cool remember extra large.

The football game sounds awesome. I don´t know what I want to do when I get home I want to play something but I don´t know if it will be football or basketball though. I just don´t want to give up on those things it´s a dream I have had so I might as well give it a try.

Thats cool that you get to work with people like that.

I will be sending grandpa those letters hopefully this next week.

My feet are fine, the camera is good, I will try to put some pictures up today, I haven´t been sick, everything is fine.

I talked to the orthodontist today and I have an appointment on the 27th in Quito so I´ll let you know what he says about what I am going to do. But other than that everything is good. But please get thos pictures up if you can. Thanks for everything though. I miss you guys like crazy. It has almost been 11 months, it´s wierd. I better get going, we have a family home evening. Tell everyone I said hi.

Con amor,
Elder Hamblin.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Wow sounds like a crazy game. Semore always gets blamed like that that´s the life of being the RV football coach. Thats good that they won though. Tanner sound like he´s doing good too. Is he throwing a lot? It´s so weird that it´s football season. I love it. Ha Rylee lookes awesome. What position does he play? Thats sweet that he´s number 10 too. I want to see some videos of him send some please.

This week was good my new companion is Elder Choez from Guayaquil, he´s cool. We get along really well but he talks so fast, ha so fast. He´s way cool though. We didn´t have any baptisms this week. This next week we should have a few though and I will send you some pictures. I would send some now but my camera died. Today we went to a place called La Paz. It is like a giant river, it was pretty tight we took some cool pictures. I´ll try to send some next Monday. Nothing much new happened this week kind of a boring week.

How´s everyone doing at home? Thats cool that Kalicia got a job too. It sounds like everyone is doing good. You have to teach at the high school? How many times in the day? The Pattons moved into that house, thats cool they will be good neighbors. I will definitely write Grandpa a letter I wrote him one like a week ago I just haven´t had time to send it yet so I´ll send him too hopefully here within the next couple weeks.

Well not much to talk about. I am doing good. My feet still annoy me a little bit but they are getting better. My teeth are alright I guess. I have to talk to a nurse today and see what she says about the orthodontist, so we´ll see. It´s been so annoying trying to deal with this whole situation. I will write you with a definite answer this next Monday on whats going to happen. I don´t need anything I am perfectly fine, just that sweat shirt cause it´s freezing, and the pictures of the family. Nothing else. But I better get going but I love you all so much and tell everyone hi and I´ll talk to you next week.

Elder Hamblin

Friday, August 27, 2010

AUGUST 23, 2010

Thats crazy whats going on in our town. How could someone just kill someone else. Thats scary what if someone we would have known would have been up on the mountain with these guys it´s like something off of a scary movie.
This week was kinda boring we were sick almost the whole week me and my companion, so we didn´t leave the house much we basically stayed home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and half of Thursday. It´s because we were stupid and drank the tap water without our filters but yeah now we know and we aren´t going to do it anymore and we are feeling better now.

So not much new happened this week. Just working when we could. There is only 1 more week this change, and than I think that my comp will be out of here. We´ll see though anything could happen with Pres Sloan.

So today we went and played basketball with 2 missionaries from our zone because they thought that they would beat us. So we first played with some members then we started with to just play us four. We bet pizza on this game and it was tied 1-1 and one of the other missionaries stepped on my toe and it killed and it was bleeding pretty good. So I think I am going to Quito again this week to see the doctor. I have to send some pictures to the nurse and call her tonight. I think that they are infected pretty bad, we´ll see though. I just don´t want to travel to Quito again. Oh well it´s life though.

So whats new? How´s football going along? Is Tanner a pocket passer or a athlete quaterback? I wish I could watch by the time I get home he´ll be on the varsity. Ha it´s so wierd. How´s everyone else doing? Everything is going good here. I am for sure putting some pictures up from the baptisms we´ve had here. But I better get going.

Thanks for everything, and don´t forget about the family pictures.

Love you guys,
Elder Hamblin

Sunday, August 22, 2010

AUGUST 16, 2010

Well this week was pretty cool. We first started off going to Otavalo for Zone Conference with President Sloan it was way good. The only problem is is that we stayed up til like 2 playing uno with some of my friends from Santo Domingo that are now in Otavalo. We stayed in their house and they have a whole building to themselves. 2 missionaries and this place is so nice, ha there are 12 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 3 kitchens, it was way cool. We were pretty whipped after staying up and than starting zone conference again at 7. So we got back home from Otavalo to Tulcan at about 12 on Wednesday night and then on Friday we had 4 baptisms. I will try to put some pictures of it up it was awesome. We weren´t sure that we were going to be able to do it because the family had some problems. I don´t think I have ever been more stressed out in my life we talked to them for about 3 hours and finally at about 7:15 they said, "yeah, we want to get baptized tonight". The baptism was suppost to start at 7:00 so you can imagine the rush that we were in. It turned out being really good though we had about 60 members there to support them. I had to spend about 15 dollars to buy stuff to eat after so I was pretty broke this week but it was alright. So it was a good week until yesterday after church my comp felt horrible after lunch, so we went to a lesson and than went home and he went straight to bed. He was so so sick so I went to sleep too and than all the sudden I got sick and we both were pretty sick, my comp more than me though. We brainstormed and figured out why. It´s because we have been drinking out of the faucet here without our filters for the last week and we think that it just killed us basically. But we should be fine within the next couple of days hopefully.

How´s everything going at home? I finally got the package with the camera, thanks so much, wow I needed it. I shared a Mountain Dew with like 5 guys from my zone because they have never experienced the amazingness. They loved it. Thanks so much mom.

I talked to Pres Sloan about the teeth and he said he doesn´t recommend it, but he said that he knows of a good orthodontist so I am going to ask him for the number today and call and make an appt.

Sounds like everybody is doing way good. Man camping would be so nice.

I just passed 10 months, 2 days ago crazy huh? I am almost to the halfway point and time goes faster and faster with time. It´s kind of scary I wish that time would just slow down sometimes. I am loving it though. Yeah I need those pictures I don´t have any of you and dad to show people.
That new package sounds perfect thanks and I will talk to Willie about the Ipod for sure and it will be good music, I promise. I have too big of a conscious to listen to anything very bad. I hope grandpa starts doing better, I def will pray for him.

Well I better get going a lot of my friends wrote me and I need to write them. But thanks for everything that you guys do. I miss you all like crazy. And I will talk to you next Monday.

Love, Elder Hamblin.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AUGUST 9TH, 2010

I am in between Colombia and Ecuador, almost in the same house as you guys. I was thinking to get from here to the house it would take me about 20 hours, and that´s not very long.

So Grandpa seems like he´s been in and out of the hospital a ton, poor guy. I hope that he starts to do better. I have been praying for him a lot.

The camera I haven´t gotten, but I talked to the ZL´s and they said that they have a package for me so we´ll see. I am going to Otavalo tomorrow for Zone Conference and I will see them, so if it´s in this package, I will have it tomorrow. I don´t know about the cards just send copies of them in this next package and that way I have them if I need them. President Sloan hasn´t written me back yet he´s been on the road doing Zone Conferences so I don´t blame him, but tomorrow I will talk to him or his wife about the whole thing and we will know for sure after tomorrow.

I don´t need much but I was thinking though, for my birthday a sweatshirt for but I was going to find a sweatshirt on the internet and send you the link because they have no sweatshirts my size here and it´s not exactly warm here and Quito even is pretty cold at night but I will send that link to you at the end of this email.

Everything here is going way good though we are having four baptisms this Friday night, so that should be pretty cool. Our district is doing really well this change. We are baptizing a mom of four and two of her kids that are 14 and 15 and than hopefully within the next couple of weeks we can work with the dad more. He finally started to talk to us the other day but he´s hard to understand because he´s kind of deaf so he talks somewhat funny and you have to yell so that he can hear, but he´s hilarious. He says he wants to follow his wife and kids example but he´can´t leave the house on Sunday because they don´t have a door to their house and he thinks that people are going to rob him. They have really nothing to rob ha, so me and my comp are brainstorming thinking of things that we can do to help. So we might be buying and installing a door so he can start coming to church. The mom was so excited when he started listening to us, so excited it was cool, and the kids and the mom basically taught him, so we hardly have to do anything, it was cool to see.

So tomorrow we have Zone Conference so that should be cool to listen to President Sloan. I am pretty excited about that, then we probably have to stay the night in Otavalo so we don´t have to leave here at 4 in the morning. It just stinks because no one is going to be able to visit our investgators for 2 days.

So Willie is coaching the JV, that´ll be cool. And Chase is starting out at the plant. How long will the job out at the plant last? Tanner is finally about to start good ole football again? Man I miss football, hopefully he does pretty good at QB. And Rylee is playing too? I can´t even imagine how funny that is to watch, seriously. How are you and dad doing? Still working a lot? Whats this thing that you´re doing in Greer? Is Dad almost done with his books?

So nothing too new, just freezing still, but it´s alright though. I am getting used to it finally and just my luck I was in Santo Domingo when it was the hottest, in the hottest city and then I get sent here when it´s the coldest, in the coldest city. Ha ha, but it´s alright though, I love this place and the people are so awesome.

I better get going tell everyone that I love them.

Con amor,

AUGUST 2ND, 2010

That car looks awesome. Please tell me that you aren´t going to let Tanner drive it a lot to school? He´s going to hit another elk, just kidding.

So we didn´t have any baptisms this week one of the girls didn´t pass an interview with the Zone Leader so we are waiting 2 weeks but we have a ton of investigators with dates right now, so within the next month I should be sending some good baptism pictures. Everything is going good here.

Our shower head just sucks so thats the only problem. I have tried every trick that missionaries know. They say you have to turn it on to where there is any power and it suppose to leave it hot, but that doesn´t work. I´ll just suck it up I should be out of here by October even though August and September are the coldest months that there are here, ha, oh well.

Wow sound like your guys summer has been crazy. It´s about over though, crazy huh? I almost have a year in the mission. It´s flying by, the time, seriously. I went to Quito this week to see the doctor and he cut the ingrown toenails out so I think they should heal a 100% by the next month. It only took about 6 months. It was horrible. I hate that trip but I shouldn´t have to go back for at least a month now.

I haven´t gotten a camera yet in the package that´s all that I am worried about. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we should get pouch.

So whats Willie going to do for work? And Kalicia? Everyone is going to be back in RV but me. Ha man before I know it we are going to be at Christmas again. Then the next one I will be home. I wish I could stay in this town for Christmas but I highly doubt it. The people here are so awesome. I am sure they are all awesome in all of Ecuador.

So how´s the football team looking? Is Dad almost done with his tests?

So we completely teach different right now it´s awesome. They put a new chapter in Preach My Gospel and it´s amazing we just ask a bunch of good questions and go from there. We are having so much more success doing this, seriously, we have had a ton more in the past week. It´s because the spirit does the work and they basically teach themselves. Being a misisonary has changed so much in the last 10 years, so so much, it´s awesome.

I am going to put some more pictures up today a few because I don´t want to steal my comps camera for too long. Anyways sorry it´s so short we didn´t do much. But I better get going.

Tell everyone that I love them and always think about them.

Tengo que irme.

Con Amor,

Elder Hamblin


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