Monday, July 26, 2010

JULY 12TH, 2010

Well this week went by way way quick. It was good though. It is the last week of this change coming up and it went by way way fast. I think that me and my companion are staying together another one, I hope at least. Thats what President Sloan told us. Nothing very interesting has happened this week. Evan though we didn´t have any baptisms, hopefully this next one or the one after we can get some. We are working hard so I know that they will come.
Anyway what else? Oh yeah so today we were like going to have a p-day of rest, but we went to playing basketball with our bishop who´s like 25 and two other members. We ended up playing about 4 hours so I am completely dying, but me and my comp won. They had to buy us sodas and our bishop owes me pizza and a soda because we made a bet on the Spain Holland game.

So my health is getting better. We have to go back to Quito one more time towards the end of this month to see the doctor again for my feet because he says that he has to reshape them my nails so that should be fun. What else? not much here, my hands are good though. I will have some cool scars on them but they are basically healed.

Freakin Rylee, i miss that kid, he´s gonna be huge and not as funny when I get home.

I hit 9 months in like 2 days, crazy huh? Time really does fly out here, but I am loving it. I am having fun for sure. My spanish is getting a little better and better everyday, I just need a latino again, but I have a bunch of time left so I am not to worried.

The Mountains are beautiful here except they are better down a little lower like in towns like Otavalo or Ibarra. Because the mountains look a lot bigger because it´s lower elevation. Here where we are, we are like on top of the mountains.

I heard that LeBron James went to the Heat with D Wade and Bosh. Thats gonna be a crazy good team.

Anyway I better get going though. I will let you know when I get that package and everything else when I find out, and I will put more pictures up next week too.

Love you guys,

Elder Hamblin.

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