Monday, July 5, 2010

JULY 5TH, 2010

Well it´s nice to finally have time to write.
So this week has been pretty good we had a baptism on Saturday it was awesome. It was of a man who´s whole family are members, so they were all pretty pumped. My trainer Elder Caresia baptized the kids 2 months ago so it´s pretty cool. We still are hoping for a lot more success this month we´ll see though.
So another funny thing that happened this week ha so we went into a investigators house and they were watching the Uruaguay vs Ghana game, it was in penalties so it was on. Awesome game and after, the kids wanted to play soccer in their house with a little rubber ball, so I was the goalie and the kids scored twice on me. So the third time I wasn´t going to let him make it, so he kicked it and I reached my hands up real fast to block it, and yeah, well the roof isn´t very high so I jammed about every finger on both hands. The paint drippings on the ceiling were hard and dried so it´s pretty jagged and my right hand is cut up bad. I got 3 fingernails peeled back, it was horrible. I dripped blood all over the floor. She wanted to take me to the hospital but I just asked her if she could do it and she cleaned it and bandaged it up. It´s pretty hard to type right now, but I will send put some pictures up on my hotmail thing so you guys can see.

So today I was about 16,000 ft up. It was awesome. We left at 7AM this morning and we took all 4 of the missionaries in this town, 6 members, and we got a guide. We hiked it but litle did we know that it was suppost to rain, ha, but it doesn´t rain at 16,000 ft, it snows ~slash~ hails. It was so cold. And it takes 2 1/2 hours to climb up and go down. But it was pretty awesome. It´s so hard to breathe at the height and I now have a massive headache because the lack of air up there. I will try to put more pictures up of that too.

So the 4th was boring? I don´t believe it, you are just trying to make me feel good. It kind of sucks that it landed on a Sunday. We had a missionary and future missionary breakfast to celebrate on Saturday. They all thought it was ALL for future missionaries, because they are from Ecuador and have no idea what the 4th is but us gringos knew. It was fun though.

So Chase got the surgery how much was it? Thats cool though. About grandpa I will definitely keep him in my prayers for sure. Man it sounds like he´s having a rough time. Anyways yeah I finally got my package with ties and the Mountain Dew. Ha, we are saving it until the end of this change to celebrate me and my comp. but man it´s tempting to drink it. I put it in our fridge so it´s just chilling in there but I will stay strong only 2 more week before this change is over, and thats freaking crazy huh? It seems like I just got here. Anyway I better get going.

Oh yeah I went to the dentist and they said braces would be 1000 so IDK I have to talk to our nurse about it still so I am going to email her today but let me know what you guys think I should do.

I love you guys all so much and don´t forget to check my pictures and tell everyone, "what's up?"

Love your son

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