Monday, March 15, 2010

MARCH 15th, 2010

Everything is going great! My new companion is sick, I love him. He´s been out for awhile so I am learning a lot we´re working really hard right now. Seriously I get home and I just want to pass out, ha, but we have a good time he can speak about 60 percent english so he helps me a lot with spanish. If i don´t know a word he can tell me, but we never talk in english because he´s not good enough, ha. He´s way way cool though. This week seriously has been weird, like 3 or 4 times we have randomly had impressons to contact certain people and they turn out to be people who really need it. So we have some awesome people that we are teaching right now because of this. It´s crazy how much the spirit helps you out if your working hard. Anyways Spanish is coming along, so much better, and I am getting more confidence every day. I learned more this week than I did the first 12 weeks here.
I can´t wait to leave this place, ha, that sounds bad. I love the people and my companion and everything, but I´m so sick of being uncomfortable. I have sweated every second that I´ve been here. It´s annoying. But I´ll suck it up because I am almost positive I will be out of here after this cambio.
Anyway, have you guys seen Justin and I think Ray gets home pretty soon too. Man I miss those guys.
Well I love you guys all so much,
Elder Hamblin

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