Thursday, March 11, 2010

MARCH 8th, 2010

Tell the Springerville Post Office workers, THANKS! (*they are the bomb when I mail out packages)
So this week has been pretty crazy we had one lady not even show up to her baptism so we looked kind of bad there, but we can´t do anythying about it so hopefully we can find her tomorrow with my new companion and get back going with her. Other than that, we had the most awesome baptism ever in this ward. It was a lady and she´s had a rough life but it was awesome. There were about 40 members there and that is so much for here, heck thats so much for anywhere. But yeah I had to confirm her in sacrament this Sunday and I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous. I was nervous about if I was doing it in English, than have to switch to a language that I don´t know very well, ha yeah, you can imagine how I felt. But it turned out good because I don´t know how I did it, but I think it´s because I prayed like crazy before. Actually I know thats what helped me.
So I will tell you more about this lady in a letter if I can ever get one sent.
So the rest of this week we just visited all of the people we were teaching so my comp. could say good bye to them. He´s been here 4 months so he´s pretty close to a lot of them. I just started my 3rd cambio here and I´m about to hit my 6 month mark this cambio. I am stoked to burn up a tie.
My new companion name is Elder Segura and he´s from Coasta Rica. He seems way cool and I am glad that he´s my companion. I don´t really know him to well because today is my first day with him but he seems awesome, so I will write more about him next p-day.
I put up some more pictures up, so if you want to put those on my blog that would be cool. The lady in the pictures is the one that we baptized this last week.
Oh, and I should get the package this week and I am excited for that.
Anyway, not much else to say this should be my last cambio here in Santo Domingo and finally it is with a latino, so I should be pretty good at Spanish by the time this one is over.
I love you all.
Elder Hamblin

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