Monday, March 29, 2010

MARCH 29, 2010

I just wrote the longest email ha and than we lost electricity ha im so mad right now.
I know I heard about Steve Brown right when I had to get off on Monday. It´s been bugging me this whole week. When I found out I cried in front of everyone in the computer place. But than I realized that is why I am here to teach people that there is so much more after this life, and that this life is our time to show our love to Heavenly Father and Steve Brown did that better than anyone that I have ever known. He was an amazing man. Tell the whole Brown Family how much I love them if you can.
So mom im perfectly fine. Don´t worry. I did get bitten by some spider and my leg swolled up but now it is perfectly fine. And our next door neighbor is like the best lady in the world if anything happends we can go over to her house and she will do what ever she can to help us the people here have our backs don´t worry.
My new companion is really awesome. I wish that I had my camera so that I could show you the hieght difference between us ha he´s probably 5´3´´ but he´s awesome we get along really well. The mission is frustrating about 80 percent of the time but the other 20 percent is amazing you jus have to find joy in the work and make it fun, and work hard if you don´´t work hard it´s no fun. I heard about Ethan too that stinks oh well he´ll be alright he´s awesome guy. Tell him I love him if you see him.
Grandpa he´s gonna be fine he told me that he would come to my homecoming talk. He´s gettin old he´s what 81. Ha I miss that man he always gave me the hardest time but in reality I think that he liked me the most.
I haven´t gotten the packages yet from you or grandma but we have Zone Conference on Thursday and I should get it from the Zone Leaders then.
Ha so has Willie proposed yet? Man I miss everyone but I ha and tell everyone that I love them, especially the Brown family but i have to go. But I love you all

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