Monday, May 3, 2010

APRIL 26th

K, well this week has been pretty good. We challenged a full family to be baptized and they accepted but the thing is that we have to wait for the dad to get home from the jungle from work which is 20 days, so now we just have to wait and teach them a few more things. Families are the best to baptize and this is my first family so I am really excited we came just in time too they were going to get a divorce too but she said ever since we came that he´s been 100 percent better.
We met them in one day too. My comp wanted to buy a kite and we saw some in the air so we followed them and we were talking to the boy flying the kite and I saw the dad sitting there thinking and I started talking to him and I asked him if we could visit him and his family, he said yes so, ha, just because my comp wanted a kite we found this family.

My feet are doing a lot better. I had to use some money this week for the medicine that cost $30.00 and than I had to pay the lady 10 for her to work on my feet but it was definitely worth it she saved my feet. I have to go back 1 more time tomorrow and than I am going to try to wear shoes on Wednesday I have been wearing flip flops for the past week ha my feet have bad tan lines. I saw like a giant lizard too ha in the middle of the field by this river. It was huge! We tried to get a video of it chasing me but I was too scared with only flip flops on to do it. This Iguana could have ate my leg. It probably weighed 50 lbs. It was huge.

On Friday we have a conference with Elder Nash from the Seventys and President is going to pick 3 people to talk. Ha I really hope it´s not me. It should be cool though I might get to see some of my friends because there are 2 other zones going.

School is almost over thats so wierd. It seems like it just started, So Tanner is doing good in basketball I heard thats good. How´s Rylee doing with baseball? So I will give you more info on Mother Day next Monday and than I will probably call the day before to make sure we are on the right page. I better get going though. Tell everyone that I love them.

Elder Hamblin

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