Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JUNE 28TH, 2010

Hey, man, I have been trying to email you guys back for like an hour the email thing has been messing up so it´s gonna be short.
Todd Bosen died? That man was awesome he would do anything to help anyone he will definitely be missed.

Whats up with Tanner hitting elk? ha! I could just see that happening I am glad everything is alright. You scared me mom, you had me hanging by a cliff in your email. You write novels or something, cause you didn´t get to the point of him being okay until at the end of the email. Man, its sound like just crazy things have been happening in that little town.

Well everything is good here. We are baptizing a guy from Otavalo on Saturday and than on Wednesday we are off to Quito to go see my foot doctor and the dentist again, so we´ll see whats going to happen. I´ll let you guys know more next week.

I have some awesome pictures to send home but we haven´t had much time on the computer lately so I will send them next week hopefully, if not the one after.
I still haven´t gotten my packages I don´t know whats happening so when we go to Quito we can go and get them from the offices.

Anyway, I am glad that everyone seems pretty busy with everything.

Tell everyone that I love them and always think about them.

I love you guys and I will write more next week I promise.

Love, Elder Hamblin

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