Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AUGUST 2ND, 2010

That car looks awesome. Please tell me that you aren´t going to let Tanner drive it a lot to school? He´s going to hit another elk, just kidding.

So we didn´t have any baptisms this week one of the girls didn´t pass an interview with the Zone Leader so we are waiting 2 weeks but we have a ton of investigators with dates right now, so within the next month I should be sending some good baptism pictures. Everything is going good here.

Our shower head just sucks so thats the only problem. I have tried every trick that missionaries know. They say you have to turn it on to where there is any power and it suppose to leave it hot, but that doesn´t work. I´ll just suck it up I should be out of here by October even though August and September are the coldest months that there are here, ha, oh well.

Wow sound like your guys summer has been crazy. It´s about over though, crazy huh? I almost have a year in the mission. It´s flying by, the time, seriously. I went to Quito this week to see the doctor and he cut the ingrown toenails out so I think they should heal a 100% by the next month. It only took about 6 months. It was horrible. I hate that trip but I shouldn´t have to go back for at least a month now.

I haven´t gotten a camera yet in the package that´s all that I am worried about. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we should get pouch.

So whats Willie going to do for work? And Kalicia? Everyone is going to be back in RV but me. Ha man before I know it we are going to be at Christmas again. Then the next one I will be home. I wish I could stay in this town for Christmas but I highly doubt it. The people here are so awesome. I am sure they are all awesome in all of Ecuador.

So how´s the football team looking? Is Dad almost done with his tests?

So we completely teach different right now it´s awesome. They put a new chapter in Preach My Gospel and it´s amazing we just ask a bunch of good questions and go from there. We are having so much more success doing this, seriously, we have had a ton more in the past week. It´s because the spirit does the work and they basically teach themselves. Being a misisonary has changed so much in the last 10 years, so so much, it´s awesome.

I am going to put some more pictures up today a few because I don´t want to steal my comps camera for too long. Anyways sorry it´s so short we didn´t do much. But I better get going.

Tell everyone that I love them and always think about them.

Tengo que irme.

Con Amor,

Elder Hamblin

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