Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AUGUST 9TH, 2010

I am in between Colombia and Ecuador, almost in the same house as you guys. I was thinking to get from here to the house it would take me about 20 hours, and that´s not very long.

So Grandpa seems like he´s been in and out of the hospital a ton, poor guy. I hope that he starts to do better. I have been praying for him a lot.

The camera I haven´t gotten, but I talked to the ZL´s and they said that they have a package for me so we´ll see. I am going to Otavalo tomorrow for Zone Conference and I will see them, so if it´s in this package, I will have it tomorrow. I don´t know about the cards just send copies of them in this next package and that way I have them if I need them. President Sloan hasn´t written me back yet he´s been on the road doing Zone Conferences so I don´t blame him, but tomorrow I will talk to him or his wife about the whole thing and we will know for sure after tomorrow.

I don´t need much but I was thinking though, for my birthday a sweatshirt for but I was going to find a sweatshirt on the internet and send you the link because they have no sweatshirts my size here and it´s not exactly warm here and Quito even is pretty cold at night but I will send that link to you at the end of this email.

Everything here is going way good though we are having four baptisms this Friday night, so that should be pretty cool. Our district is doing really well this change. We are baptizing a mom of four and two of her kids that are 14 and 15 and than hopefully within the next couple of weeks we can work with the dad more. He finally started to talk to us the other day but he´s hard to understand because he´s kind of deaf so he talks somewhat funny and you have to yell so that he can hear, but he´s hilarious. He says he wants to follow his wife and kids example but he´can´t leave the house on Sunday because they don´t have a door to their house and he thinks that people are going to rob him. They have really nothing to rob ha, so me and my comp are brainstorming thinking of things that we can do to help. So we might be buying and installing a door so he can start coming to church. The mom was so excited when he started listening to us, so excited it was cool, and the kids and the mom basically taught him, so we hardly have to do anything, it was cool to see.

So tomorrow we have Zone Conference so that should be cool to listen to President Sloan. I am pretty excited about that, then we probably have to stay the night in Otavalo so we don´t have to leave here at 4 in the morning. It just stinks because no one is going to be able to visit our investgators for 2 days.

So Willie is coaching the JV, that´ll be cool. And Chase is starting out at the plant. How long will the job out at the plant last? Tanner is finally about to start good ole football again? Man I miss football, hopefully he does pretty good at QB. And Rylee is playing too? I can´t even imagine how funny that is to watch, seriously. How are you and dad doing? Still working a lot? Whats this thing that you´re doing in Greer? Is Dad almost done with his books?

So nothing too new, just freezing still, but it´s alright though. I am getting used to it finally and just my luck I was in Santo Domingo when it was the hottest, in the hottest city and then I get sent here when it´s the coldest, in the coldest city. Ha ha, but it´s alright though, I love this place and the people are so awesome.

I better get going tell everyone that I love them.

Con amor,

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