Friday, August 27, 2010

AUGUST 23, 2010

Thats crazy whats going on in our town. How could someone just kill someone else. Thats scary what if someone we would have known would have been up on the mountain with these guys it´s like something off of a scary movie.
This week was kinda boring we were sick almost the whole week me and my companion, so we didn´t leave the house much we basically stayed home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and half of Thursday. It´s because we were stupid and drank the tap water without our filters but yeah now we know and we aren´t going to do it anymore and we are feeling better now.

So not much new happened this week. Just working when we could. There is only 1 more week this change, and than I think that my comp will be out of here. We´ll see though anything could happen with Pres Sloan.

So today we went and played basketball with 2 missionaries from our zone because they thought that they would beat us. So we first played with some members then we started with to just play us four. We bet pizza on this game and it was tied 1-1 and one of the other missionaries stepped on my toe and it killed and it was bleeding pretty good. So I think I am going to Quito again this week to see the doctor. I have to send some pictures to the nurse and call her tonight. I think that they are infected pretty bad, we´ll see though. I just don´t want to travel to Quito again. Oh well it´s life though.

So whats new? How´s football going along? Is Tanner a pocket passer or a athlete quaterback? I wish I could watch by the time I get home he´ll be on the varsity. Ha it´s so wierd. How´s everyone else doing? Everything is going good here. I am for sure putting some pictures up from the baptisms we´ve had here. But I better get going.

Thanks for everything, and don´t forget about the family pictures.

Love you guys,
Elder Hamblin

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