Monday, September 6, 2010


Wow sounds like a crazy game. Semore always gets blamed like that that´s the life of being the RV football coach. Thats good that they won though. Tanner sound like he´s doing good too. Is he throwing a lot? It´s so weird that it´s football season. I love it. Ha Rylee lookes awesome. What position does he play? Thats sweet that he´s number 10 too. I want to see some videos of him send some please.

This week was good my new companion is Elder Choez from Guayaquil, he´s cool. We get along really well but he talks so fast, ha so fast. He´s way cool though. We didn´t have any baptisms this week. This next week we should have a few though and I will send you some pictures. I would send some now but my camera died. Today we went to a place called La Paz. It is like a giant river, it was pretty tight we took some cool pictures. I´ll try to send some next Monday. Nothing much new happened this week kind of a boring week.

How´s everyone doing at home? Thats cool that Kalicia got a job too. It sounds like everyone is doing good. You have to teach at the high school? How many times in the day? The Pattons moved into that house, thats cool they will be good neighbors. I will definitely write Grandpa a letter I wrote him one like a week ago I just haven´t had time to send it yet so I´ll send him too hopefully here within the next couple weeks.

Well not much to talk about. I am doing good. My feet still annoy me a little bit but they are getting better. My teeth are alright I guess. I have to talk to a nurse today and see what she says about the orthodontist, so we´ll see. It´s been so annoying trying to deal with this whole situation. I will write you with a definite answer this next Monday on whats going to happen. I don´t need anything I am perfectly fine, just that sweat shirt cause it´s freezing, and the pictures of the family. Nothing else. But I better get going but I love you all so much and tell everyone hi and I´ll talk to you next week.

Elder Hamblin

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