Monday, May 17, 2010

MAY 17th, 2010

I am perfectly fine mom I promise. We are going to the doctor again today and he´s going to call the nurse and they are going to discuss wether or not to remove my toe nails. I want them gone, they are annoying and I think they are just getting worst. I might get back on later tonight to tell you what happends if not you will know next Monday.

Other than that everything is good, walking gets a little annoying in sandals, ha, but it´s alright. I feel like a prophet from the Bible. We should have 4 or 5 baptisms this next Saturday. We have to wait for a family because the mom has to be interviewed by President Sloan so we have to wait til he comes to Santo Domingo for interviews, but this family is pretty excited about it, so it´s pretty awesome.

What else? oh yeah, ha, so we were in church yesterday and right before the Sacrament one of the counselors of the Bishop comes up to me and my comp and tells us that the people that were suppost to talk didn´t show up and asked if we would both give a 10 minute talk. Ha and I was first, so I had about 5 minutes to think and give a talk in Spanish. It was pretty scary but I think it turned out alright, the Lord definitely helped me out.

So this investigator has espn with American sports, so I was reading the newspaper and the suns play tonight and we are going to eat dinner there tonight! Hopefully they have something about the Suns up there. That would be sweet, but i doubt it because TNT always does the nba playoffs, but we´ll see.

Nothing much else going on here. I put some pictures of my foot up on the hotmail thing. So the trek is coming up? Tell Tanner to go, it really is fun. You don´t get to eat a whole lot and it´s hard but it´s definitely worth it when it´s over I am glad I did it for sure. Rylee hit one out of the outfield? Nice ha, but not good enough, he needs to hit them out of the park. Ha jk. Well hope everything else is good, I should get going to the doctor. I will take some cool pictures if they have to remove my nail it should be pretty cool.

Love you guys,
Elder Hamblin.

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