Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAY 13, 2010 (hospital visit)

Hey, well my lds mail isn´t working but I have to tell you guys, I took out almost all of that 100 dollars because I had to go to the hospital last night. The church should refund me all the money, but it´s nothing bad. It´s not at all. I have to go back later today. I just stubbed my toe on the sidewalk right in front of the hospital. Luckily we were right in front of the hospital cause i passed out. I don´t know a lot right now. I have to go back today and than the doctor is going to talk to our nurse. They will pay for everything I am pretty sure. I have some pictures too. I´ll send them on Monday and let you know more on Monday about what they are going to do. I am fine, don´t worry, this hospital is pretty nice and the church works with it, so everything will be fine.
Love you bye.

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