Monday, May 24, 2010

MAY 24th, 2010

Thanks for everything and sorry for not emailing you for so long. We had to do some service at the chapel, than we had lessons, and it´s 9 o clock right now, so I am in a hurry to write. We have to be home in like 15 minutes.
Yes I got the camera it´s an awesome camera seriously thanks ha this one will not get stolen, I promise. I will be more careful with this one.

I went to Quito to get my ingrown toenails out and they couldn´t put anestesia in them because it was so swollen, so it hurt pretty bad. I had to tough it out and they were huge. The doctor was amazed that I was even walking with them, but man my feet feel good now. I can walk with shoes on for once in like a month and a half. I got to eat at papa johns ha it was sweet.

Not much has happened this week. Our trip to Quito took up 2 of our days so we didn´t get much done this week. We are teaching people with problems right now but it´s awesome, it makes us work harder to teach them and it´s changing their lives. Seriously, there is no greater feeling in the world than that.

What else? So when we called the nurse she said to pack all my stuff because I was going to stay in Quito for an emergency transfer so I packed all of my stuff and it´s hard to haul 3 huge bags on these buses and around Quito. So we finally got to some other missionaries house where we were going to stay, and the next morning we went to the hospital. Then the nurse is like, "well you can go back to Santo Domingo", so we had to get all my bags and go back to Santo Domingo.
I told our next door neighbor, who is our momita, she cooks our meals every saturday, and she was crying. So she was pretty happy to see me again.
My toes are close to 100%, so I am happy.

Anyway I better get going, we have to be home here pretty soon, but I love all you guys and hope everything is going good with everything.

Love Elder Hamblin

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