Monday, May 3, 2010

MAY 3rd, 2010

Hey!!! Everything is going good! My feet are getting better. On Tuesday I went back to the lady and she cleaned them and cut the ingrown toe nails out more and gosh it hurt bad, I hated it, but they are getting better. I have worn sandals for the last 2 and a half weeks. I wore shoes 1 day because we had conference with Elder Nash of the Seventy when I got home they were killing and bleeding so I am just going to wear sandals as long as I think I need to because if I don´t, they will just get worst. I had to buy like 10 pills that cost 2 bucks a piece so thats why I have been using money from that account, sorry.

So yeah, this week Elder Nash of the Seventy came and talked to all the missionaries in Santo Domingo and Esmeraldes. It was awesome, he´s an awesome guy. He asked me if I was a descendent of Jacob Hamblin and talked to me for awhile longer than any other missionary it was kind of scary.

What else? nothing much really. We didn´t have any baptisms hopefully the next couple of Saturdays we should have a lot. I am excited for the next couple of weeks and the next change. I want to leave here. I will almost have 6 months in the Santo Domingo.

Yeah about the Mothers Day call we don´t know a whole lot yet we are trying to go to the central, there is a members daughter and her husband is loaded and they have nice computers and video cameras and my comp wants to skype with a video camera, but I don´t know. I think it might be too much trouble but we will see. I will email you on Thursday for sure with what we are doing and than I get to call on Saturday to confirm, so be checking your email and waiting for my call.

My package, I don´t need as much as skittles, ha, and thats it, a ton of skittles, and whatever else you want to send maybe a Mormon Tabernachle Choir CD if you can get one.

So dang it´s still snowing I have forgoten that snow has even existed. Hopefully this next change I will be in the Mountains and maybe see some. I am almost at 7 months, crazy huh?
Anyway I better get going but tell everyone that I love them, and I am always thinking about them.

Love, Elder Hamblin.

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