Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JUNE 7TH, 2010

Hey I finally got changed!! I am in a town on the border of Colombia and Ecuador called Tulcan. It´s freezing because we are way up in the mountains. We are around10,000 something feet. I think it´s the highest elevated big city in Ecuador. It´s beautiful here, the only thing was I had to travel 9 hours from Santo Domingo. It was horrible, ha, but my companion is way cool. We already knew each other from Santo Domingo. His name is Elder Walker and he´s from Seattle. I was kind of bummed that I didn´t get a latino for my spanish, but it´s all good because me and him get along really well. You should see the people here, they wear all that old school clothes like the miniture cowboy hats ha and blankets over them, it´s weird.

About the dentsist I am gonna schedule an appointment in Quito probably in like 2 weeks and I´ll have more to say about that after the appointment. It´s just a pain because Quito is around a 5 hour trip from here and it´s only like 100 miles, but it´s through the Andes, so it´s a pretty rough trip. I´ll let you know more about that later, but it´s fine with the mission. I talked to our nurse and she just said I would have to pay for it, but yeah I could do it.

So how was the big bad trek for Tanner? I remember how hungry I got on that thing and it was miserable, but definitey cool. It´s so weird that I almost have 8 months in the mission, it´s insane.
I don´t have to much to say, sorry, but I will write more next week and hopefully have some cool new pictures of this place.

I better head out. I love you all so much and thanks for everything.

Elder Hamblin.

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