Thursday, June 3, 2010

MAY 31ST, 2010

Hey!!! Guess what? I walked in shoes this whole week. It feels so good. And we played basketball today and it didn´t hurt at all. My feet are just peeling because they were pretty sunburned. But it´s all good just annoying.
I am in pretty good health but the only problem is my teeth so they are moving to the side where i am missing that one and i am just noticing it right now, but I told our nurse and she gave me the number of some orthodontists in Quito so I am going to call them and see what they think. I should be going to Quito this next change so I should be able to get an appointment. The dentist told me this might happen, he said probably not, but it is happening. I know they are just going to tell me I have to get braces, but I think that braces are really cheap here, so that wouldn´t be too bad. I don´t know? What do you guys think? We because it´s kind of your money, but I know some members that have them and they have hardly any money. One of our investigators works at a dentist office and she said braces, until I left here, would be about 800 dollars. I guess I will just have to talk to the orthodontist, but probably next week sometime. I will let you know, but probably not this upcoming Monday but the next.

Enough about that. I saw that the Suns lost. One of our rich investigators has espn, so we watched the highlights. Wow, Kobe Bryant is a beast ha.
So I should have been leaving Santo Domingo today, but this change is weird because we have 7 weeks instead of 6, but it´s all good. We are just trying to do a bunch of good paper work with our investigators because they are going to take all 4 missionaries out of our ward and put in sister missionaries. We have to draw a bunch of maps of where everyone lives. We are pretty bummed about this because we have like 3 families that are on the verge of being baptized and we aren´t going to be here when it happends. I will continue to hope that they keep progressing and get baptized.
Grandpa, man that stinks. I will definitely will pray for him.

Anyway, nothing much new here. I just have heard about the volcano but we haven´t had any effects of it here. I think that it was pretty far south and we are in the north. I have some friends in Riobamba and Ambaoto, which is pretty far south, but I think they are fine or President Sloan would have told us something. Volcanoes are really the only thing that scare me here, unless I am in Quito, and than earthquakes scare me because the building are so old and made of bricks.

So wow, summer is already happening in the US. Man it seems just like not too long ago it was last summer and I was moving home. I almost have 8 months in the mission. It´s crazy.

I better get going. We got on the computer pretty late, but we had a busy fun p-day, but I love you guys all so much and thanks for the package I loved it.

Love you all,
Elder Hamblin

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