Monday, June 28, 2010

JUNE 21ST, 2010

Sounds like a crazy time in Round Valley. Yeah this place is pretty awesome but man it is freezing cold here. I have the pictures on my memory card so thats all good but they should get us a refund on this camera, it´s way nice it just wont turn on or anything so i don´t know whats happening. I will send it back and you can talk to the people from where you bought it. So what else is new? Its crazy that it´s almost July. It feels like winter here so I hardly even keep track of the months. Man I am bummed that the 4th of July is coming and I wont be there thats my favorite time of year by far, oh well only one more than I will be home for the next one.

So the work here is awesome we have a goal of 11 baptisms for the month of July and it really is possible, heck we might get more.
Thats so wierd about the school. I can´t imagine it for some reason. Were there a lot of news stations there?

Is tanner gonna be on varsity this year? and is he driving?

I haven´t gotten the package yet but we have zone conference so I should get them than. Man I swear I am so sick of riding buses. Seriously imagine riding buses through the salt river canyon but instead of 40 minutes, it´s about 2 hours of that. And we do it like 3 times a week. I get annoyed I see a bus and I get a headache, but there are some ups and downs to every place you go i guess.

So nothing much new. I am so exhuasted here. We seriously work so hard here and than on P day we don´t really rest, so it´s pretty rough right now. But I am having a blast here.

I have to head out, but thanks for everything.
I will talk to you on Monday again. Love you guys.

PS - tell all those guys congrats that got married.

Elder Hamblin

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