Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JANUARY 4th, 2010

This week was pretty frustrating so we had a baptism set for this Saturday but we found an hour before the baptism that he drank on New Years, so we have to wait until this Saturday if he repents, so that will be good. We also have a date of the 16th for this guy named Ider Davela. He´s so cool. He loves the missionaries. He is like he´s a guy I could hang out with in the US. He is like 25, and he has a son who´s the cutest little boy. Ha! He runs up to us and gives us hugs and says “hermanos que tal” , ha-ha, I don´t know how he can even talk he´s barely 3 he´s so funny. He talks nonstop too. But his wife is really really pretty. Easily the prettiest girls that I´ve seen here and she was baptized. He´s not. He is scared to get baptized because he drinks and he doesn´t want to get baptized than start drinking. But this week we are going to have the members help us because we both can´t speak Spanish very well ha but hopefully we can get him baptized. The missionaries have been trying for like 2 years, but he really likes us. It was awesome though, he never comes to church and this week we made him promise us to go to church. He said he would. So his wife always comes in and she walked in alone and we were so bummed. And then right before sacrament I heard the little boy outside and he came. Ha ha, she said that she didn´t even know that he was going to come, but he promised us. Just hopefully we can meet with him a lot this week. This was the first time that he´s been to church in a few months. He´s so ready to get baptized and I bet he´s read more in the Book of Mormon than half the members. So that was the highlight of the week for sure.I don´t need much I can get most of what I need on p days at the shopping center, but the little drink packets are good i love them different kinds though and maybe more oatmeal. I get sick off cereal but different kinds not just the maple and brown sugar kind. I do not spend money on much, other than I bought a watch and a tie. That is basically it and food, ha, but I will start not using as much. It is just the first week and the holidays I loaded up. You can send some more candy. The kids love American candy and maybe some CTR rings. They have Spanish ones at the book store there, I believe. If not, it is cool, just candy. They love it. We just boil water here so I don’t need anything for the water. I am getting better. I think I have felt a lot better the last 2 days, so that is good. And whatever people want to send, it doesn´t matter to me. Letters would be cool but I probably cannot write back because it´s 2 bucks to mail them back, but I will love to have something to read. And make sure to let everyone know that if they send packages, it has to be under 4 pounds or else I will have to pay like 50 bucks to get it

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