Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JANUARY 25th, 2010

Hey, everything here is good. I just got through my first cambio which means that I am no longer the youngest bunch of missionaries in Quito Ecuador. Only 15 more now so every 6 week you usually either get a new comp or a new area. That is what a change is and I stayed in the same area with the same companion.

We are teaching some promising people right now and still have a few references to track down which are also promising because they already have friends in the church. So hopefully we can have a few baptisms this transfer. So I am almost guaranteed to be in Santo Domingo for 2 more transfers which means that I will hit my 6 month mark here my comp is going to hit his in like a month so we are going to burn one of his ties, ha, it should be fun. We both are so young out here.

Nothing much else new rain and the scorching sun and I am always wet, always always wet. Whether it is from sweat or rain it doesn´t matter i finally got to go to Quito on Tuesday and see all my pals from the MTC. They are all doing good I was pumped. I love those guys. My comp from the MTC has lost like 35 pounds he´s looking good.

Dang I miss snow so bad, ha, when you are in Quito you can see it at the top of the peaks. OK if I ever thought that any mountain I´ve seen in the US were tall, it wasn´t! This trip home from Quito it was actually sunny and I got to see the Sierras, wow, they were beautiful and huge.

Anyways, I better get going.
Tell everyone that I love them and I am fine.
Love you all! Bye.

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