Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FEBRUARY 14th, 2010

We can´t work tomorrow or on Tuesday because of some carnival thing that goes on here. It´s too dangerous and people throw paint on you.
What else? Oh man I miss carpet so much. Ha! I haven´t seen carpet forever.
Today is my 4 month mark can you believe it has gone by so fast, for me at least, and each day goes quicker and quicker.
So I had my first actual baptism, and I am pumped! It was awesome! I´ll post pictures right now of it and we should have 2 more in the next 3 weeks so it´ll be a cool change.
I´ll probably stay here for another change with a new comp, hopefully a Latino, ha, so I can get some Spanish down and then after that, I have no idea where I will go. My guess is Quito, but who knows, I could go anywhere this mission is so huge.
But I´ll be out of here, almost for sure, in like, May sometime. It´s so weird, as missionaries, time is like nothing to us. Ha! Seriously, 4 hours seems like nothing right now and before it was a life time.
So this week we challenged another girl to be baptized and she said yes, so we just have to wait to see if she gets permission to live here with her aunt, from her dad in Guayaquil. They are going to see on Friday. She really wants to live here because she loves the church and the family she´s living with. Seriously the church has changed this girl’s life. Her whole personality has changed and I love it that she´s so happy right now. She picked me to baptize her too, and I am way, way, excited.
What else? Nothing much just work, work, work and having fun, ha, I love it.
I haven´t gotten a package yet for Valentine’s day yet, but I probably will on Friday because that is when the zone leaders go and get all the mail.
The personal side, update me on everything. How´s Willie? I heard he moved to Utah. ha crazy Mormons up there, ha, jk. And Chase, Tanner, Rylee and Dad. Ha! I want to everything!
How are you doing mom? I love you so much. I never said it enough but I do more than you know and when I get home I am going to let you know more.
Tell everyone that I love them so much and get me updated on everything.
Love your son, Elder Hamblin

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