Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FEBRUARY 1st, 2010

Thanks for Jeff’s address, I have been wanting to write him.

Um yeah, well I thought I was getting better and now I think I am getting sick again. I hate it but I took some medicine so I hope that I will feel better. Spanish still a struggle. I need a native comp but it is all good I am still getting a lot better.I can understand almost everything it is just hard to talk back. What else? um yeah so this change is looking so good we have like 10 people that want to get baptized and we are teaching them everyday. I think that is why I am getting better. But yeah so you basically see everything as a missionary. Last night we were about to teach this family and the daughter and some guy came over and they started to argue and the guys knew English good. He is the first guy that is not a missionary that I talked to here that actually knows English good and the girl ran out because her mom hit her and she is living with this guy and she is only 15 and he like 25 and I’m not really sure what going on. Ha! We kind of got thrown in the middle of it but it was awkward and we could not teach because the spirit wasnt there at all so we just left.

I am probably going to have my first baptism this week but the lady, she has a testimony, comes to church every Sunday, reads, comes to every appointment, like 10 minutes early and takes notes at every one of them too. So I am kind of scared that she is going to try to kiss me after cause that is something that she would do. Ha,

What else, oh yeah my camera was stolen sweet huh? What else nothing much oh in the package send some candy like snickers, twix, and skittles. I’ve been craving those 3.

Carpet, I am serious, I miss carpet so much the only carpet that I have seen is in President Sloans house. I love carpet.

Work is slow? hopefully things get better. I think that they will, maybe I am just so optimistic because I know how people here live and I promise no matter what happens in the US, it is worse here.

Well not much more to write about.

I am so mad about my camera, ah, oh well there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, tell everyone I love them and I am fine and you guys are so lucky to be in the snow it is so hot here, ha.

Love, Elder Evan Cowen Hamblin

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