Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JANUARY 18th, 2010

K so all that it does in this stupid town is rain and get hot hot hot. Ah, I hope I get to go to the mountains. Quito Riobamba, all those places are sounding so nice right now. Anyways everything is good. I have like 20 pictures up and I will try to put more up this week.
Anyways everything is good here we almost had Ider baptized but he said no though which was very frustrating. This whole week was really frustrating actually, ah, oh well, we have changes this week which means that I probably will get a native companion this week which will help so much with my Spanish because I am not learning to much with my comp right now. I could be going anywhere this mission is so huge. If I get to the jungle coca, or tana it´s a 16 hour bus trip from here or I could go to Rio Bamba, Octavalo or Quito The Mountains or Esmeraldes which is the beach. So who knows where I will be there is a good chance I could stay here for another transfer because I know the area, but I´ll know Sunday night.

Uncle Cowen is in the Bishopric, that is scary, ha! NO that’s awesome.

We have a really busy week this week. We have so many investigators I don´t really want to leave, but it is wherever the Lord wants me to go, so I don´t care.

I am so sick of rice and chicken ha, that is all that we have everyday for lunch. Then for breakfast, I have yogurt and granola and for dinner 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, all day, everyday, it´s the same. Ha! it´s already getting old, I never will complain about a thing when I get home.

So Tanners team is still struggling? That is too bad, that should just give him the drive to get better in the offseason. We always used to lose when we were Freshman and Sophmore’s too. I think that is why we were always good when we were on varsity football and basketball we would work harder after we would lose and improve. That is the key, just improve in the off season while other people aren’t working on it.

So that is good that they still have work. I don´t know how people here get money no one does anything at all. Other than a few members and they work hard and they are the happiest.

So we haven´t had water in our apartment for the last 2 days. I am so thankful for having a mom too, wow, she did a lot for us. It´s so annoying to clean and take clothes to the Laundromat, have good food, and everything.

(*I like Kalicia that would be good. ; )

I love all you guys so much.

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